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Domiciliary support services

If and where necessary, it is possible to receive medical care, rehabilitation and educational support, directly provided at the residence of whom cannot access outpatient services or other centers.

logo Domiciliary educative assistance (ADE)

Domiciliary educative assistance (ADE)

This service is intended for familes who present difficulties or lack in parental abilities/functions under the educative aspects, social relation, and affective or material. The intervention foresees coaching by a professional educator as support and accompaniment of parents in carrying out daily activities with their children.  The objective is to favor a setting of trust […]

logo Integrated domiciliary assistance (ADI)

Integrated domiciliary assistance (ADI)

This service is intended for people who are not self-sufficient.  They may be frail individuals, whom due to temporary or permanent difficulties cannot access outpatient facilities. Assistance is provided at their home and can be in the form of nursing, rehabilitation, medical or educational support aimed at the care and health of the individual. Portale […]