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Mental health

Included in this category are people of all ages whom require support to gain back their emotional and psychological wellbeing so as to regain and take advantage of their mental abilities. With this support they can actively participate in society, respond to daily tasks, establish relationships with others, as well as adapt to reality.

Caregiver – Help and support to parents and relatives

Within the territory there are established groups and people, who voluntarily help people with daily tasks and take care of those who are no longer self-sufficient due to elderly age, disabilities or patologies.

Domiciliary support services

If and where necessary, it is possible to receive medical care, rehabilitation and educational support, directly provided at the residence of whom cannot access outpatient services or other centers.

Facilities specifically for minors

Activities and support dedicated to minors between the age of zero and eighteen years old. These activities can be related to health, psychological support, rehabilitation, educational or protection.

Income support measures

In the presence of particular conditions, it is possible to request financial support available as a contribution to provide financial support for medical expenses, rehabilitation and general necessity.

Information and advice

Within the territory there are established agencies, and competent people specifically in charge of providing information, direction, assistance and support on specific subject matters.

Services in semi-residential facilities for supporting independence

Day care is generally offered, not permanent residence, which has the scope to preserve autonomy, avoiding or delaying hospitalization in residential facilities.

Services offered in residential facilities

Accommodation facilities are offered in structures within communities or private apartments, of which permanent residency is expected.

Social and health care services

Medical interventions, such as nursing, rehabilitation and medical support, are provided in specific locations throughout the territory.