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Domiciliary support services

If and where necessary, it is possible to receive medical care, rehabilitation and educational support, directly provided at the residence of whom cannot access outpatient services or other centers.

logo Domiciliary assistance services (SAD)

Domiciliary assistance services (SAD)

Addressed to people with reduced or compromised independence, the service offers intervention of support that ranges from care of personal hygiene, socialisation, support and monitoring of daily activities. These interventions are in place to ensure the individual remains at their own home as long as possible, to avoid or postpone admission in residential facilities. The […]

logo Integrated domiciliary assistance (ADI)

Integrated domiciliary assistance (ADI)

This service is intended for people who are not self-sufficient.  They may be frail individuals, whom due to temporary or permanent difficulties cannot access outpatient facilities. Assistance is provided at their home and can be in the form of nursing, rehabilitation, medical or educational support aimed at the care and health of the individual. Portale […]