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Residential support services

Activities of educational and behavioral nature are offered to minors whom are in particular critical conditions of frailty or confusion, that are bound to temporary residence.

logo Educational community for minors

Educational community for minors

A service intended  for minors in need of support, these are social-educational residential centres, which welcome and offer structured support and protection. Allocation in the community is specifically arranged by the judicial authority and is a type of measure that occurs when, due to particular pragmatic/existential conditions, the family environment has proven to be impractical.

logo Independent living housing projects

Independent living housing projects

This educational type of service, is aimed at youth, once the program has been completed and they have reached adult age, they request support in life skills in order to learn how to live independently by themselves.  The support provided by support staff gradually fades away. The objective of this service is to invest in […]

logo Supported housing – Accommodation for adults

Supported housing – Accommodation for adults

This service hosts adults with severe or medium-severe disabilities, whereby they do not have a family unit or where families cannot guarantee or provide the necessary care and support.  This community is of residential and educational nature, offering necessary hospitality, support in daily life, development of social skills and rehabilitation, aiming for the realization of […]