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Social and health care services

Medical interventions, such as nursing, rehabilitation and medical support, are provided in specific locations throughout the territory.

logo Consultancy centre & therapy of age development (CTEE)

Consultancy centre & therapy of age development (CTEE)

This centre offers services of pedagogical and psychological consultancy, through interventions and activities aimed to support families and organising specific projects for minors and teenagers. Between the available services we can find therapy and projects for psychomotorial education, arranged to intervene in training parents and teachers, parentale consultancy, family mediation, prevention activities, emotional education, projecting […]

logo Integrative prosthetic assistance

Integrative prosthetic assistance

This service ensures the supply and assistance of prostheses and aids, of which include dietry products, medications and products for people with disabilities.  It also deals with rehabilitation access in institutes, reimbursement of costs and assistance abroad. Supplies include a diverse typology of products: shoes, brace for limbs, corsets, torso brace, glasses, anatomical prostheses, hearing […]

logo Private clinics

Private clinics

The strucures offer simple or complex health care services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in situations that do not require hospitalization.

logo Specialist surgery ASST

Specialist surgery ASST

Located in Breno, Cedegolo, Darfo, Edolo, Pisogne and Esine Hospital, this specialised outpatient facility provides prevention, diagnosis and treatment of specific health disturbances.  In addition they offer blood tests, and also offer the following services; dermatology, diabetes, cardiology, surgery, dentistry, opthalmology and minor prosthetics. Distribuzione attività ambulatoriali